Saturday, June 30

Perihal, Dari Hati.


i have to make a confession. i love being an ass. i love to be sarcastic and only lashes out sarcasm. i sometime, really is a pain in the ass. i have no intention of denying that fact. because i really think that people who knows what lies behind the words, my words, really have a clue of what is inside my delirious head. or maybe they don't. i just assume that they do. which really, leaves an impression. it's like i'm taking a mental note or something.

i know that the world doesn't really evolve around me. or the person who sat right beside me. the world would still evolve even i'm not here. or there. where ever i am, the world is not gonna wait for me. it'll evolve anyway. so, why waste the time ? just go. with the flow. don't rush it. don't slow it down.

i'm starting to lose my track here, well i suppose it's a good thing still. i still have that urge to write down anything that cross my mind. this place, was once the place i used to dwell on memories. reminiscing bout the bad, the good, and the heartache that i've experienced.

it was cool though, to read back what you've wrote many years ago. learning that you're growing up and really show your true colors. it was cool, for me at least it is. learning from the past, not the best option, but hey, i've gained new experience, what's not cool about that ? being adamant, pergh. it's the best. you have this stand of yours and no matter what other people says about it, if you know you are right from the very beginning and fight to make your little voice to be heard, i think you'll get the the orgasm. in which, the satisfaction lah kan. well hello. not talking bout orgasm, orgasm 'ere. duh.

stares at the blank page again. oh, not that blank i supposed. it felt weird to write so many things after you went hiatus for a while. the feeling is inevitable. owmaigod. i might as well abscond myself from you guys. the whole creating a big great abyss is still in the plan though.

i really need to go. the urge to write has worn off. maybe the medication doesn't really last that long. i might get someone to do the dirty works for me. but the question is, who's going to do all my dirty works ? and what are really, my dirty works ? those big question marks are left hanging, never meant for an answer.