Saturday, May 17

Alive, still.


aaaaand i still have nothing to write.
because I think there's no significant reason of updating my blog.
i mean, this blog. 

you see,
i'm already at the phase where I am happy with what i have. 
also in the phase where I've let go things without apparent reason.
i just do.

ohhh whatever it is, lets enjoy whatever joy this year might bring!
leaving a positive vibe because this might be the last update you fellas gonna read.

what I wrote back in the first quarter of 2014.
its funny because I really have no intention to be writing here again.
but here I am, laughing at the irony.
who could use a good laugh now ? 

i miss you.

waaaait -- define 'you'

kahh. a good laugh I am having.
this is all internal jokes that I am digesting.
its okay if you don't get it.

think its time to be writing again?
we'll see.

only time will tell :)