Tuesday, July 17


At times I wonder why I fool with you
But this is new to me, this is new to you
Initially, I didn't wanna fall for you
Gather my attention it was all for you, so don't
Take advantage, don't leave my heart damaged
To understand that things go a little bit better when you plan it

So won't you send me, your location 
Let's focus on communicatin' 'cause
I just need the time and place to come through
Send me your location 
Let's ride the vibrations
I don't need nothing else but you (I don't need nothin' else)

my heart, 
your nugget ❤️

Saturday, May 17

Alive, still.


aaaaand i still have nothing to write.
because I think there's no significant reason of updating my blog.
i mean, this blog. 

you see,
i'm already at the phase where I am happy with what i have. 
also in the phase where I've let go things without apparent reason.
i just do.

ohhh whatever it is, lets enjoy whatever joy this year might bring!
leaving a positive vibe because this might be the last update you fellas gonna read.

what I wrote back in the first quarter of 2014.
its funny because I really have no intention to be writing here again.
but here I am, laughing at the irony.
who could use a good laugh now ? 

i miss you.

waaaait -- define 'you'

kahh. a good laugh I am having.
this is all internal jokes that I am digesting.
its okay if you don't get it.

think its time to be writing again?
we'll see.

only time will tell :)

Tuesday, May 14

no turning point.

i have nothing to do here.

like seriously.

i've been wanting to write ever since i wrapped up my diploma days. 

it has been forever.

and i hate this place.

used to be most my favourite place on in internet.

but since someone made me stop writing, i guess i lost my mojo.

so lost. 


Monday, January 28

RandomUpdate :)


it has been a while.
honest to god, i tried to be inspired by all the muse that i once had, but my efforts are to no avail.
there are some times that i felt like writing provides me such escapism, such tranquility, but nowadays, i just felt like blergh. no time to reflect, no time to feel and think. 

let me break it into several important parts. 

studies -- 
been good. been missing few classes here and there but oh, being me, you'll have this mood swings that maneuver me instead of me maneuvering maself. LOL.

friends -- 
been good as well. not that fooking great, as i used to have bunch of awesome friends and stuff, but hey, at least i know who has been faking it in front of me and everything, i don't mind them being that way, well.. lets just say i'm trying very hard to survive in the whole friendship thing. i'm the type of person who once care, i care all the way, but once i don't, i really couldn't give a fook. its kinda tiring actually, but well, its the game of life. all i can do is be grateful, at least i already have a taste of these kind of people, taught me quite a lesson. all the heartbreak, the trust issue, the common sense issue, the 'sentap' issue, the money issue, phew.. been there done that T_T

love --

haha. do i really need to say this ? ehehe. things are going just fine. we both mutually agreed that at some point, all we could afford to be is just best friends. not that we don't love each other dearly, but things are not going our way and it is the Higher power works with whom our soul mate will be. cliche but, there will always be a silver lining in everything we do. so i'm gonna put all my trust in Him to let me be whatever i will be. but in the meantime, he is my ultimate best friend and i am his too. we talked about almost everything, like how we used to be, and boy, we really do mature in time, right ? 

and to those who knows us personally, please pardon all of our ridiculous action that might got you agitated, we all have this phase where we do what we desire and didn't think of others so, here's my apology from the both of us. i've (we've) learned my lesson the hard way and yes, i (we) was being utterly childish and immature. sorry for involving you in our problems and dragged you out for a unreasonable silent treatment and everything. hope everything will be just fine and non of this problem will directly cause problem to you.

cheers for the hormones that finally stabilize us both. haha. fook you whore-mone. you've been a-hole. 
now behave and be nice please :)

wow. after long hiatus, i thought i've lost my writing flair and everything. i might sound like a beginner but weh i've been blogging since ages ! (couldn't really remember LOL sounds so old alreaady). but really, for me, this blog is really something man. if only i didn't hide/drafted all the post i might have like what, 700 posts already ? lost count already. muehehe. gahhh i feel so old now ==''

so, i think that's it for now. back to the giddy me.

why the sudden post ? why write in english ? -- 
kekeke im gonna take MUET test this march and boy i really lack of exercise.
even though this is not a proper exercise but i think it'll help me in mental preparation.
training myself in expanding my vocabulary and using the right term to describe a situation. 
might not nail it in the first try but i'll try harder. 
gonna make my parents proud of me 
*burning desire* 

okay, too much info. gotta go. 

be nice, be awesome, be you. 
assalamualaikum ! <3 br="">

Sunday, November 18

le minions.

before i get all serious and talking about david icke and rothschild zionism conspiracy and everything, better i let all the stress steamed away by watching this cute adorkable (yes a cross between adorable and dorky at the same time ehehe) and superbly catchy at the same time like OMG.

catch myself singing to this in da shower and, i am addicted.
in the end of shower i was like --

epic fail there.