Tuesday, October 30

Apa Kaitan Parang Dengan Adobe Photoshop ? :O

betul lah orang tua-tua cakap.

parang yang tajam kalau tak selalu di asah, lambat laun mesti tumpul juga.
gua terpaksa akui hakikat tu. 


sesungguhnya gua rasa down dan helpless.

ini kerana,
gua dah lama tinggalkan adobe photoshop gua.
hilang terus segala ilmu yang ada.

gua stress.

dah lah tak banyak ilmu pasal editing, 
 pastu terus tinggal, hasilnya ...

dua ni edit pakai phone sahaja. 


i need to practive moreeee.

till then, xoxo.

Saturday, October 27


how i wish i could sing along to this song and 
pretend that i am one of those independent woman. 

am saying this because i know i am not.

still, i hold to that one person to help me through my ups and downs,
sad and laughter, everything i went through.

until i felt..
i've had enough.

i've hide many of 
my imperfections. 
my flaws.
the other side of me.

 i've held down to that person long enough,
until i lost my diploma years.
not that i regret it,
it's just, 
i am sorry for not being a better friend.

i chose to settle down with myself.
i chose to please one person rather than pleasing the whole crowd.

then i lost the whole crowd.
they don't care about me as much as i don't care about them.

but i know they have been talking.
and ...  
as much as i seem not to care,
i do.

it hurts.

and as it hurts too bad,
  subconsciously,  i begun to
hurt the people around me.

it's a never ending cycle.

all i ever wanted is 
to please the world
and lose myself.