Saturday, October 27


how i wish i could sing along to this song and 
pretend that i am one of those independent woman. 

am saying this because i know i am not.

still, i hold to that one person to help me through my ups and downs,
sad and laughter, everything i went through.

until i felt..
i've had enough.

i've hide many of 
my imperfections. 
my flaws.
the other side of me.

 i've held down to that person long enough,
until i lost my diploma years.
not that i regret it,
it's just, 
i am sorry for not being a better friend.

i chose to settle down with myself.
i chose to please one person rather than pleasing the whole crowd.

then i lost the whole crowd.
they don't care about me as much as i don't care about them.

but i know they have been talking.
and ...  
as much as i seem not to care,
i do.

it hurts.

and as it hurts too bad,
  subconsciously,  i begun to
hurt the people around me.

it's a never ending cycle.

all i ever wanted is 
to please the world
and lose myself.

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