Monday, September 10

Dear Dewa's and Dewi's ;

i was just hoping, wishing really, that my way of writing doesn't offend you in any particular way. i was just bucked up with the term 'lame' and thus, my writing often gets a way in expressing what i really think, feel or deeply thought.

and my solely priority is that you felt welcome here, as if you knew me from the past decades or even the past century. and i rarely get this feeling that the more i write, the more i get attach with my inner side.

calmly enough, i am expecting you guys not to be judgemental. the last thing i need here is prejudice. if you have something that you don't like here, don't hesitate to shout it loud at the comment box. and please do have some balls to leave your name or even your blog url. i don't mean to be mean, but i think everybody has the equal chance to shout at me,but with dignity of course.

i don't really fancy a chat box. if you really in need to reach me, just comment at the latest entry. i'll work it from there. i don't get mad if ur comment is sooo lari topik ke ape, but at least you know what my blog is all about. i don't fancy people who follows me for nothing. i am expecting more when you follow me. i have such high expectation, just like when i am following others.

there there, the outlines has been drawned. i hope you guys don't go all berserk with this entry. this is something that i would remind myself in a few month or so. it really seems to be simple, but people just don't tend to flow with it.

till then,


JimeMalek said...

ak xphm
nnti cerite kt ak
dalam bahase MALAYSIA

*korang jgn nk mcm2! its not like ak bodoh english! it just complicated cerite minah ni
HEY ! AK DAPAT 100% for my english test ok ! haha! motif sgt ak bg tau sume org ! XD

adilahalim ; said...
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adilahalim ; said...

mmg ah kau dpt 100 english.
sape yang dpt 95 doh?!
aku jugak.

this entry is sooo hard to explain bcuz you were not in my head. susahh laah.

i would say that at one point, i don't even know what are the motives in this entry.

actually, i don't even know how on earth i could come up with this kind of entry.